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T-MORE hotel & lounge
Jl. Piet A. Tallo, Kota Kupang
Nusa Tenggara Timur

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(0380) 881555

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Welcome to T-MORE hotel & lounge

Experience the ultimate gateway in the alluring atmosphere of Kupang.


As the hotel defines a new concept of the first airport hotel in town which proffers a new character and identity.
For those who love a modern living, T-MORE hotel & lounge provides one stop hilarityideas, where beauty of new trends featured in every corner of the hotel.


Fine cuisines at the artfully designed restaurant, spacious meeting room, coffee corner & bakery, indulgence Spa therapy and business centre are the hotel services and facilities.


Extravagance the ultimate getaway in the alluring atmosphere city of Kupang. Recently luxury hotel proffer which gives the hotel a totally new character and identity for those who loves a modern living. T-MORE hotel & lounge offers one stop hilarity ideas where chic of a new trend features at all corner of the hotel.

Fine cuisine at the artfully designed restaurant, spacious meeting room, drugstore, coffee corner and bakery. Indulgence spa therapies as hotel various facilities, and also provide you a modern business center, and others.